Abington Senior High School Class of 2018 Retraces Their Steps During the Annual Grad Walk

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On Tuesday, June 12, 2018, the day before Abington Senior High School’s Class of 2018 graduates, the senior class participated in the annual Grad Walk, where students visit their old elementary schools for a procession through the halls. Three hundred students in the class participated in the event, spread across the District’s seven elementary schools. The students donned their maroon and white caps and gowns, which was meant to get the younger students excited about one day being in high school and to emphasize the importance of goal-setting.

The event was not just exciting for the Seniors, the Grad Walk was also something the younger students looked forward to as they wrote congratulatory signs and banners for the graduates and high-fived them all through the halls. Most heartwarming, however, was to see students greet and thank their former teachers who taught them all those years ago.

Following the procession, Seniors visited sixth-grade classrooms to talk about their high school experiences and to offer advice to the soon-to-be elementary school graduates, who will be going on to the Junior High next school year. 

Last year’s inaugural Grad Walk was so popular among the three schools to which the Seniors traveled, that it was decided to expand the event to all seven of the District’s elementary schools for 2018.

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