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Past Award Recipients

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1988 Hall of Fame

  • Ms. Florence LaRue ( Arts), Class of 1960. Vocalist for the internationally acclaimed Fifth Dimension.
  • Ms. Ellie Daniel (Athletics), Class of 1968. Gold, silver, and bronze Olympic swimming medalist.
  • Mr. Harry J. Wilkinson (Business), Class of 1955. Long-time business friend to Abington and president of SPS Technologies.
  • Mr. Frederick Monroe Eckel (Education), Class of 1956. Professor of Pharmaceutical Science at the University of North Carolina and a national leader in the field of pharmaceutical practice.
  • Brigadier General Robert R. Porter, U.S.M.C. (Government), Class of 1952. Director of the Naval Council Personnel Boards, Arlington, Virginia.
  • Dr. Amar Bose (Science), Class of 1947. Recipient of the Inventors of the Year Award, 1987, and a leader in the development of electronic and stereophonic technology.
  • Mr. Howard Shaffer (Service), Class of 1933. Long-time president of the Abington Alumni Association.

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1989 Hall of Fame

  • Mr. Thomas (Tommy) Campbell (Arts), Class of 1975. Renowned jazz percussionist who has performed in over 32 cities internationally and in almost every major American city.
  • Mrs. Carol R. (Blank) Polis (Athletics), Class of 1954. First woman professional boxing judge in the U.S.
  • Mr. Albert G. Handschumacher (Business), Class of 1936. Former Vice President, General Manager and Corporate Director of the Rheem Manufacturing Co., President and Chairman of the Board of Lear, Inc., and Chairman of the Board, President, and CEO of Aeronca, Inc..
  • Dr. Ashton B. Carter (Education), Class of 1972. Nuclear scientist and Professor of Public Policy and Acting Director of the Center for Science and International Affairs of the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard.
  • Judge Ida Chen (Government), Class of 1970. Advocate of ethnic and minority rights and the first Asian-American female in Pennsylvania to be awarded a judicial post.
  • A. Russell Parkhouse (Posthumous), Class of 1934. Former Abington Township Treasurer and Montgomery County Commissioner.
  • Martin R. Eichelberger, M.D. , Professor of Surgery and Pediatrics (Science), Class of 1963. Director of Emergency Trauma Services, Children’s National Medical Center, Washington, D.C.

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1990 Hall of Fame

  • Susan Seidelman (Arts), Class of 1969. Director of five feature films and one of the top woman film directors in the United States.
  • Wayne Ambler (Athletics), Class of 1932. Major League second baseman and shortstop. Sixteen years of service to the youth of Abington township.
  • Frank E. Vaughn (Business), Class of 1947. Executive Vice President of the Maytag Corporation and President of the Hoover Group.
  • Mark A. Rothstein, Ph.D. (Education), Class of 1961. Professor of Law and Director of the Health Law Institute of the University of Houston. Author and expert on occupational health laws.
  • Vice Admiral James E. Service (Government), Class of 1949. Retired Commander Naval Air Force, U.S. Pacific Fleet.
  • Dr. Judy Blankfield Bernbaum (Science), Class of 1967. Director of Neonatal Care Unit, Children’s Hospital, Philadelphia.

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1991 Hall of Fame

  • Bob Saget (Arts), Class of 1975. Comedian and popular television celebrity.
  • Madelyn Braccio Chiomento (Athletics), Class of 1938. Outstanding high school coach, athlete and educator.
  • James H. Lesko (Business), Class of 1969. Director of Marketing and Customer Services, Americas Division, Xerox Corporation.
  • Dr. Marion Berry Warner Holmes (Education), Class of 1944. Executive Director of Career and Vocational Education, School District of Philadelphia.
  • Dr. Steven E. Rhoads (Government), Class of 1957. Professor at the Woodrow Wilson School of Government and Foreign Affairs, University of Virginia.
  • Helen Lee Johnson (Service), Class of 1925. First African-American teacher in Abington School District, whose service to both the youth and community of Abington continues to this day.
  • Joseph A. Thompson (Science), Class of 1948. Emmy award-winning producer of wildlife and ocean films. Costeau-affiliated diver and ocean explorer.

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1992 Hall of Fame

  • Robert B. Portney, M. D. (Arts), Class of 1970. Nationally recognized concert violinist. Chief Psychiatrist of Massachusetts General Hospital’s Neurobehavioral Unit and a supervising physician in the APS/Emergency Ward. Clinical Instructor in Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School.
  • William J. Sautter, (Athletics), Class of 1974. Three-time All-American soccer player at Temple University and former professional soccer player in the North American Soccer League.
  • Adam M. Aron (Business):, Class of 1972. Senior Vice President-Marketing for United Airlines. Widely credited with being one of the fathers of the frequent flyer marketing program.
  • Jeffrey Sonnenfeld, D.B.A. (Education). Class of 1972. Professor of Organization and Management and Director, Center for Leadership & Career Studies, Emory University. Author of The Heroes Farewell: What Happens When CEOs Retire.
  • Rear Adm. Peter A. Bondi (Government). Class of 1958. Fleet Supply Officer on the staff of the Commander-in-Chief of the Pacific Fleet in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.
  • Craig R. Reckard, M.D. (Science), Class of 1958. Chief of Transplant Services, Lehigh Valley Hospital Center, Allentown, PA. Author of numerous articles and abstracts.
  • Donald R. Neiman (Service), Class of 1944. Respected local businessman with 40 years of service to the Abington and Glenside communities.


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1993 Hall of Fame

  • Gregory K. Heller (Arts), Class of 1967. Writer and producer of feature films, documentaries, and television scripts.
  • Melvin H. Roberts (Athletics), Class of 1960. Philadelphia Phillies first base coach with previous experience playing, managing and coaching in the Phillies minor league organization.
  • Janet Wikler (Business), Class of 1963. Group Vice President and Director of Advanced Media for Harper-Collins Publishing Company.
  • Martha Albertson Fineman, J.D. (Education), Class of 1961. Professor of Law at Columbia University. Author and legal expert on issues pertaining to women and the family.
  • Oscar P. Vance, Jr. (Government), Class of 1959. Chief of Detectives in Montgomery County and the recipient of numerous police and civic awards.
  • George Geckeler, M.D. (Posthumous), Class of 1910. Prominent cardiologist and developer of the electrocardiogram.
  • Captain Tracy Bowden (Science), Class of 1957. Underwater salvage expert whose archeological expeditions have been featured in National Geographic, at the Smithsonian Institution, and on major television networks in the United States and Europe.
  • Alonzo Sudler, Jr. (Service), Class of 1943. Community leader and friend of the Abington Schools. Director of Pharmacy Services at Abington Hospital for 38 years.


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1994 Hall of Fame

  • David E. Stone (Arts), Class of 1965. Academy Award winning sound effects and dialogue editor for films, television, and cartoons. Among others, his movie credits include Die Hard, Willow, Twilight Zone, Top Gun, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, and Dracula.
  • William G. Zimmerman (Athletics), Class of 1950. Outstanding athlete and coach. Inducted into the Pennsylvania Wrestling Coaches Hall of Fame .
  • William S. Ripley, III (Business), Class of1959. Formerly, President of the Pfaltzgraff Company and President and Chief Operating Officer of Neutrogena Corp., one the Fortune 500’s top 100 companies.
  • Ray Jackendoff, Ph.D. (Education), Class of 1961. Professor in Linguistics and Cognitive Science at Brandeis University. Studied under Noam Chomsky. author of numerous publications and books, including, most recently, Patterns in the Mind.
  • Don Cook (Government), Class of 1938. Chief of the London Bureau and Chief European Correspondent for the New York Herald Tribune and the Los Angeles Times from 1945 to 1988. Author of four works of historical journalism and contributor and columnist for respected political magazines and journals.
  • Walter H. D’Ardenne, Ph.D. (Science), Class of 1950. Graduate of M.I.T. in nuclear engineering, Nuclear Safety Officer for General Electric and member and chairman of various nuclear standards agencies, his career centers around the development of nuclear safety standards for nuclear power plant programs worldwide.


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1995 Hall of Fame

  • Gail Berman-Masters (Arts), Class of 1974. Producer of off-Broadway and Broadway theater productions and of film and television productions. Twelve Tony awards, including Best Musical and Best Play.
  • Anne Rutledge Sage (Athletics), Class of 1962. Field Hockey and Lacrosse coach at the University of Pennsylvania. Former lacrosse All-American lacrosse player and participant in world and Olympic lacrosse competition. Temple University Athletic Hall of Fame inductee.
  • Maxine S. Coleman (Business), Class of 1962. Vice-President of Personnel and Organization of Kal Kan Foods, Inc. Former Vice-President of Personnel and Administration of Mars Electronics, West Chester, Pa. Guest lecturer at Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania.
  • Edward E. Bondi (Education), Class of 1966. Noted Dermatologist with an active clinical practice at the Dermatology Clinic of the University of Pennsylvania Hospital. Lindbach Award for Distinguished Teaching.
  • Andre C. Washington, Esq. (Government), Class of 1970. First African-American President of The Big Sisters/Big Brothers Association of Philadelphia. Formerly, an Assistant District Attorney, Supervisor at the Municipal Court Unit, and partner in the firm of Post and Schnell of Phila.
  • Michael C. Morris, M.D. (Science), Class of 1972. Transplant Surgeon specializing in pancreatic and renal implantation. Numerous publications and presentations relevant to practice in and advancement of the field.
  • Howard Yoder, (Service), Class of 1930. Long-time Business manager of the Times Chronicle newspaper, Vice-President of Montgomery Publishing, consultant for Montgomery Publishing. Past President of the Glenside Kiwanis International and Board member of numerous community service organizations.


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1998 Hall of Fame

  • Anthony Williams (Arts) , Class of 1949. Veteran alto saxophonist who has played with renowned local and national jazz artists. A volunteer music educator in the Philadelphia Public Schools throughout his career; mentor to the jazz group Pieces of a Dream.
  • Randy Garber (Athletics), Class of 1971. Penn State all-American soccer player who went on to play professionally in the NASL and the MISL. Continuing involvement in soccer through the coaching of club and high school teams. Various coaching awards.
  • Samuel Ross (Business), Class of 1950. Former President and CEO of Pennsylvania Blue Shield.
  • Margaret Bing (Education), Class of 1956. Teacher, counselor and inspirational leader in the Upper Moreland School District. Active in Citizens for Progress and Abington Human Relations Action Committee.
  • Albert L. Herrmann (Government), Class of 1953. Thirty year career in Abington Township, including a nine year position as Township Manager. Borough Manager of Hatboro for the last 10 years.
  • Mark Drela (Science), Ph. D., Class of 1978. Associate Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics at MIT where his formulation of aerodynamic principles has aided the development of a human-powered aircraft and the human-powered hydrofoil.
  • Mary F. Farmer (Service), Class of 1937. Outstanding performance of civic duty. Long-time involvement in the Abington Alumni Association in every capacity, ranging from active member to President.
  • Dr. William Wagner (Service), Class of 1938. Active in medical missions throughout the world as a missionary physician. A coordinator of recruitment and surgical training programs and a relief and staff surgeon. Medical school instructor.
  • John Boyd Coates, Jr., M.D. (Posthumous), Class of 1928. Thirty-five year military career during which he became a Brigadier General in the U.S. Army, serving as Deputy Surgeon and, later, Surgeon of the Third U.S. Army commanded by General George S. Patton, Jr. Later became Surgeon for the Dept. of Pennsylvania Veteran of Foreign Wars and Surgeon General of the national V.F.W.


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2002 Hall of Fame

  • James Morrow (Arts), Class of 1965. Science fiction author; Two-time winner of the Nebula Award for short fiction; received World Fantasy Awards for his novels Only Begotten Daughter and Towing Jehovah.
  • Shawn Wooden (Athletics), Class of 1991. Notre Dame athletic scholarship; professional football career with the Miami Dolphins and the Chicago Bears.
  • Robert P. Vogel (Business), Class of 1962. Former Vice President and General Counsel for Rohm and Haas Corporation; specialist in environmental and regulatory law.
  • Donald D. Warner (Education), Ed. D. Class of 1950. Career-educator; Superintendent for 23 years; Numerous civic and education awards.
  • Captain Norman W. Shriver (Government), United States Navy Class of 1952. Graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy; Thirty-six year career in the Navy with numerous command-level assignments, including Captain of the submarine USS Tang; twice presented the Legion of Merit Award.
  • Ellery Schempp, Ph.D., Class of 1958 (Science) Doctorate in Physics from Brown University; Research into Electro Magnetic Imaging (EMI), high-temperature superconducting (HTS) materials for practical applications in MRI, analyses of wind power energy, development of cryogenic power electronics systems, and novel energy storage technologies. Initiated school prayer suit against Abington which was eventually decided by U.S. Supreme Court in 1963.
  • William A. Holt, Jr. (Service), Class of 1964. Recipient of numerous awards and citations for his efforts in law enforcement and in the Abington community; Recently inducted into the International Police Association, Pennsylvania #13, Hall of Fame .
  • Philip Kind (Service), Class of 1933. As a Naval Aviator, attained the rank of Lieutenant Commander during World War II; Commanding Officer of Squadron VP932 in the Naval Reserves; promoted to Commander in 1956; Outstanding service to civic, charitable, and community organizations throughout his life.
  • Michael J. Penecale (Posthumous), Class of 1939. Former president of Abington Alumni Association; Accomplished athlete, coach and businessman who benefited his community.


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2005 Hall of Fame

  • Michele “Myke” Williams (Education), Class of 1966, a dedicated teacher, mentor and member of the Abington School District community for 33 years until her untimely death in 2004.
  • Stephen A. Schwarzman (Business), Class of 1965, founder of one of the largest asset management firms in the world, the Blackstone Group, LP, currently President and CEO of the firm. Chairman of the Board for the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, member of the prestigious and influential Council on Foreign Relations. Mr. Schwarzman sits on several philanthropic boards of various organizations including Harvard Business School Visiting Committee and the New York Public Library.
  • William J. Landherr, Jr. (Service), Class of 1955, founder of Corro Therm, Inc. with offices in Feasterville, Pa. Mr. Landherr has served as the President of his fraternity’s alumni association for 27 years and ahs been a member of the Abington Alumni Association’s board for 20 years. He has served as president of the associationR17;s board for the past 7 years.
  • Captain James C. Gibson, USN (Ret.) (Government), Class of 1952, earned an NROTC scholarship to Princeton University where he earned a Master’s Degree in Engineering. Captain Gibson had a long a dedicated and decorated career in the United States Navy where he served in the Naval Nuclear Engineering program and designed a new class of minesweeper as well as participating in the new design for an aircraft carrier update.
  • Dr. Dawn R. Chamberlin (Athletics), Class of 1981, NCAA Division III national championship field hockey coach at Salisbury University. Dr. Chamblerin has coached at Salisbury for 18 seasons where she has achieved a career record of 263-78-8.
  • Kenneth Kenyon (Arts), Class of 1950, Mr. Kenyon has a long and dedicated career as the chief research librarian for 20th Century Fox Films.
  • Dr. Emory W. Zimmers, Jr. (Science), Class of 1961, Dr. Zimmers earned a Ph.D. from Lehigh University in 1973 where he is a member of the faculty at the P.C. Rossin College of Engineering and Applied Sciences.
  • Amy J. Sacks (Arts), Class of 1972, a short but spectacular career with Walt Disney Studios and ABC Sports; becoming the first woman television sports producer. She was a coordinating producer for ABC’s ” Wide World of Sports” from 1986 through 1989 and in her brief career, earned 13 Emmy awards, two Pinnacle awards and a Christopher award for coverage of the 1983 Special Olympics.

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2009 Hall of Fame

  • Nancy D. Kolb ’58 (Education).  Mrs. Kolb earned a BA with honors from Bucknell University and was a member of Phi Alpha Theta, the national honorary fraternity in history.  She is a certified teacher of history, social studies and science and has earned several hours of graduate credit from Temple University while a teacher at Abington Senior High School.  She has been a consultant at notable historical societies and served as the director of the Pennsylvania Historical Museum Commission.  Since 1988, Nancy D. Kolb has been the President and CEO of the Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia.  She has spearheaded the museum’s recent move and renovation and has worked to make the museum a premiere regional and national point of interest.
  • Marc Vetri ’85 (Business).  Mr. Vetri’s culinary training began early in South Philadelphia with family and he honed his art through intensive study in Italy and the United States.  His skills and experience were further refined in New York City and the restaurants Coco Pazzo and Bella Blu, where he guided the latter to distinction as Bella Blu was named “Best New Restaurant” in 1996.  Mr. Vetri returned to the Philadelphia area where he was a winner of the James Beard Award for “Best Chef Mid-Atlantic” and consistently named among the top chefs and restaurateurs in the region.  He has opened two highly regarded and quite successful restaurants in Center City, Vetri and Osteria.
  • Nancy Hislop McPeek ’57 (Service).  Mrs. McPeek earned a BA from Cornell University in 1961 and has pursued numerous courses in leadership, graduate studies and business for non-profits since that achievement.  She has been a lifelong advocate and activist for a variety of social service causes and organizations including, but not limited to, Kent State University, the Association of Junior Leagues, the Stark County (OH) Humane Society, the Canton YWCA, the American Red Cross, Child and Adolescent Services Center, the United Way and the Area Agency on Aging.  Mrs. McPeek has served in a leadership capacity in most, if not all, of those organizations and has been recognized and marked for distinction in her field by the United Way in 1990, the Stark County Women’s Hall of Fame in 1990, the Canton Woman of the Year in 1984 and the State of Ohio Senior Citizens Hall of Fame in 2007.
  • Brig. Gen. Thomas J. Verbeck ’69 (Government).  Gen. Verbeck earned a BS from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University in Blacksburg, VA in 1974 and an MS from the University of Southern California, San Diego.  He is a distinguished graduate of the Squadron Officer School at Maxwell Air Force Base and Air Command and Staff College also at Maxwell AFB in Alabama.  He served with distinction as Chief of Staff for two of the largest Air Forces’ commands Air Combat Command and Central Command Air Forces.  Gen. Verbeck has won numerous commendations, decorations and citations over his long and invaluable service in defense of his country.
  • Susan Francia ’00 (Athletics).  Ms. Francia earned a BA and Master’s degree in criminology from the University of Pennsylvania in 2004 and earned All-American honors rowing for the university.  Ms. Francia has been on five national teams and has won four world championship titles.  In 2008, Ms. Francia was a member of the gold medal winning women’s team at the Beijing Olympics.  She continues to compete at the highest levels internationally and in 2009 won two gold medals in international competition.
  • Carol B. Saylor ’55 (Arts).  Mrs. Saylor is a visual artist who gradually turned to sculpture during 25 years of progressive deafness and blindness.  She is a cum laude graduate of Tyler School of Art where she earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and later taught humanities and fine arts in Bucks County.  Mrs. Saylor has won numerous honors over the past 25 years including three “Best in Show” at the Armory Show from the Women’s Committee of Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts and will be having major shows at the Michener Museum and Villanova University in 2010.
  • Arnold J. Malerman, DDS ’61 (Science).  Dr. Malerman earned a Doctorate of Dental Science with a certification in Orthodontics from the University Of Pennsylvania School Of Dental Medicine in 1972.  He was later a clinical instructor and associate professor at the University of Pennsylvania and has worked to develop curriculum for schools of dental medicine.   A veteran of the United States Air Force, Dr. Malerman was voted “Best Dentist/Orthodontist” five times between 1998 and 2002 in Montgomery County Newspapers.   He has dedicated his professional life to the furthering of dental medical science and has worked tirelessly to educate new members of his profession.
  • Michael W. Gillespie ’56 (Posthumous).   Mr. Gillespie was a veteran of the United States Marine Corps who joined the Abington Township Police Force following his honorable discharge as a corporal from the Corps.  He served 26 years as a member of the force with numerous commendations for performance.  He was the Abington Township Commissioner from Ward 13 and was serving his fifth term when he passed away on June 24, 2009.  He served as a board member or leader in the Abington Township Republican Organization, the Glenside Kiwanis, the Glenside Patriotic Association, Citizens and Police Together along with numerous other philanthropies, social service societies and associations.  In the words of Commissioner Carol DiJoseph as quoted in the Times Chronicle of July 1-7, 2009: Mr. Gillespie was a “quintessential public servant.”

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2013 Hall of Fame


  • Lloyd C. Bobb, Ph.D.  ’57 (Science).   Lloyd Bobb received his Ph.D. in physics in 1971 from Temple University where his thesis topic was inelastic light scattering (Raman scattering) from ferroelectric materials.  Prior to receiving his Ph.D., he worked for the Ford Scientific Laboratory doing research on thin layers of semiconductors and metals that would be used in the integrated circuit industry.  Lloyd then worked for the US Army (Frankford Arsenal) performing research on materials that could be used to protect the eyes of the troops against lasers that were being introduced into the battlefield.  Lloyd also worked for the US Navy (Naval Air Development Center (NADC), the Naval Research Laboratory, and the Naval Air Warfare Center – Aircraft Division) on lasers, capillary waves, optical fiber sensors, optical excitation of atmospheric species like xenon for remote magnetic field detection, and numerous improvements to non-acoustic submarine detection and localization systems. After leaving the government, Lloyd founded Applied Science Corporation, a scientific consulting business.  A current project is to perform magnetic detection and localization of submarines from disposable unmanned aerial vehicles.   Lloyd Bobb’s current publication list has about 400 items including everything from peer-reviewed journal articles to government reports.  He holds approximately 20 US patents.  Lloyd has received numerous government awards, including several for outstanding independent research, the NADC scientific achievement award, and the meritorious civilian service award.   
  • Stacey Cartagenova, M.S. ’89 (Business).  Stacey Cartagenova holds a Master of Science in Speech Language Pathology, and was a practitioner for many years before she founded Therapy Source, Inc., a premier therapy staffing company and national provider of a hybrid therapy delivery model, in 2001. Since its inception, Therapy Source has grown substantially and expanded its operations to 34 states and the District of Columbia.  The company she founded has grown to more than 50 employees, working with over 1,300 therapists nationwide to ensure that children receive speech therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, behavioral health, psychological services, and other related services that contribute to students’ growth, progress and ultimate success.  Among other awards, she has been honored by the National Association of Executive and Professional Women.  In addition to her role as President of Therapy Source, Stacey is the company’s “Chief Energizing Officer,” always promoting a can-do attitude and let’s-get-it-done mentality.
  • Richard L. Cole, Jr., Esq.  ’61 (Service).   After graduating from Abington Senior High School in 1961, Richard received his undergraduate degree from Stonehill College in Easton, Massachusetts and earned his law degree from the Villanova University School of Law.  Richard served in Governor Dick Thornburg’s Administration as the Chief Counsel for the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry, which included the State Board of Vocational Rehabilitation and the Bureau of Disability Determination.  Richard was also the Vice-President and General Counsel for United Hospitals, Inc. in Philadelphia.  He subsequently entered private practice where he devoted a considerable portion of his professional life to working with severely disabled individuals.  In addition to serving as Chair of the Board of Directors of the Able Trust, Richard is a member of the Sumter County Zoning Board and serves on the Affordable Housing Advisory Committee and Transportation Disadvantaged Coordinating Boards for Sumter County.   Richard Cole also chairs the Sumter County Chamber of Commerce Governmental Affairs Committee.
  • Wayne Cunningham, Ed.D.  ’50 (Athletics).   Wayne Cunningham earned a BA from Duke University where he earned All-South and All-Atlantic Coast Conference honors in soccer.  Wayne returned to the Philadelphia area where he earned a M.Ed. and an Ed.D. in Health Education from Temple University.   In 1969, Wayne played shortstop on the World Fast-pitch Softball Championship team, Sal’s ISC.   He has been a  soccer and wrestling official for 41 years.  Wayne has been involved as a leader and mentor in many areas of youth and scholastic athletics in the area.  Wayne coached the Del-Val/ Philadelphia 16-18 year old Girls’ Softball team to 7 consecutive gold medals in the Pennsylvania Keystone Games and has been head softball coach at Jersey City State College, Campbell University and William Tennent High School.  Wayne has also been the head soccer coach at Kean College, Jersey City State College and Campbell University and taught “Principles of Coaching” at Montgomery County Community College for three years.  Wayne has received numerous honors in his field, including election to the Philadelphia Softball Hall of Fame in 1986 and the Philadelphia Chapter of the Pennsylvania Sports Hall of Fame in 2000.
  • Margie Goldsmith ’61 (Arts).  Margie Goldsmith, winner of the prestigious SATW Gold Lowell Thomas Award and 26 other awards, has traveled to 122 countries and written about them all. She is a contributor to Elite Traveler, Robb Report, Visa Black Card Mag, Business Jet Traveler, Hemispheres, American Way, Islands, travelandleisure.com, Affluent Traveler, and Huffington Post. Margie is a published novelist, triathlete and marathoner, speaks French and Spanish, and plays blues harmonica.
  • Colonel John A. “Jack” Islin (USA ret.) ’51 (Government).  Following graduation, Jack attended Penn State University, Ogontz Campus, and the University of Pennsylvania where he was on the dean’s list and earned his undergraduate degree.  Jack received a commission as an Infantry Second Lieutenant in the United States Army and attended Army Flight School and Helicopter School.  Jack commanded assault helicopter units during two years in Vietnam where he earned 76 medals, seven for heroism and logged over 2,000 hours of combat flying.  After leaving the government, Jack established and directed the Helicopter Flight Test Center for Sikorsky, a division of United Technologies.  The effort to test the Blackhawk and Navy Sea Hawk helicopters resulted in earning the Kelly Johnson Award on display at the Smithsonian Institution.   Jack also served as Group Senior Vice-President for Citicorp where he was named one of the “25 Top Executives In the Industry.”  
  • Ken Montgomery ’60 (Posthumous-Athletics & Business).    Ken Montgomery had a long and impressive career as both a community-based family businessman and as the owner, engineer and driver of a championship hot rod racing team.  Press clips, reports, commendations and numerous friends all attest to the fact that family came first for Ken, but his accomplishments both as the owner and operator of Montgomery’s Service Station in Jenkintown and as a hot rod owner and racer cannot fail to impress.  In fact, as mentioned above, Ken owned, drove and worked as the engineer of his race car, but he was also the engine builder, the team coordinator, the car builder, machinist and mechanic.  Montgomery’s Service Station was consistently considered one of “Philly’s Best” and was indeed a community mainstay.  Ken was inducted into the National Hot Rod Association Hall of Fame and into the Super Stock Hall of Fame.
  • Elaine P. Whelan ’60 (Education).  Elaine Whelan earned her undergraduate degree from Drexel University where she graduated summa cum laude and began her graduate education at the University of Pennsylvania.  Following her marriage and relocation to Maryland, Elaine was sponsored by the Department of Health and Human Services to complete her graduate education at Johns Hopkins University in advanced statistics.  She also earned a Certificate in Data Processing from the Institute for Certification of Computer Professionals.  Elaine served on Robert Ball’s staff at the Social Security Administration, Department of Health and Human Services, where she focused on the assignment of numbers to newborns and the introduction and development of part-time professions in federal government for women with small children.  Elaine has been a regular columnist for three journals of dental technology and has authored or co-authored two books, one of which My Mom’s Making History–The Story of Computers, Copyrights and Creativity was selected for Read Across America Day in 2005.  She is the co-founder of Strohl Industries, the founder of Copyrights Promote Creativity Project and was president of Mainstreet Systems & Software.

2017 Hall of Fame

  • BusinessCharles Edgar “Ed” Haldeman Jr., J.D., CFA, Class of 1966, earned a Bachelor’s Degree at Dartmouth College, his J.D. at Harvard Law and his MBA at Harvard Business School. Ed has over 40 years’ experience in the fields of financial services, capital markets, finance and accounting and his work at the Federal Housing Financial Agency following the crisis of 2008 led Bloomberg BusinessWeek to name him one of the “50 Most Powerful People in Real Estate” in 2010.
  • The ArtsCynthia Carter DeFelice, Class of 1969, earned her Bachelor of Arts, Magna Cum Laude, from William Smith College and her MLS at Syracuse University. Cynthia is an award-winning author of over 30 novels and picture books for young readers ages 4 through 14 and is the winner of the New York State Knickerbocker Award for Juvenile Literature and the New York State Empire Award for Excellence in Children’s Literature.
  • Education: Holly Nickles Ciccoricco, class of 1956, earned her Bachelor of Science in Arts Education at the University of the Arts and a Master of Science in Arts Education at the Teachers College, Columbia University. Holly is an artist and art educator who has decades of experience in providing art education to a wide variety of students. Holly is a recipient of the Citizen of the Year 2015 award from Harrington Park NJ, a 2015 Honoree of the Valley Regional Programs Parent Teacher Organization (special needs/ autism spectrum programs and the Alpine Public School Teacher of the Year for 1992.
  • ScienceBrian Brackeen, Class of 1996, is the founder and CEO of Kairos, an artificial intelligence start-up specializing in facial recognition and human analysis technology. Kairos was selected by the Wall Street Journal as one of the Top 25 Start-ups of 2013. Brian lectures extensively around the world on entrepreneurship, code, digital economy, artificial intelligence and machine learning and is engaged with organizations like Girls Who Code, Black Girls Who Code and the School District of Miami Dade County.
  • GovernmentRichard P. Barrett, Class of 1977, earned his Bachelor of Arts from Temple University and his J.D. from Temple University School of Law. In 1990, Richard began work for the United States Attorney’s Office in Philadelphia prosecuting large scale terrorism, health care fraud, drug conspiracy, and organized crime cases. Richard is an Adjunct Professor of Law at Temple University’s Beasley School of Law and is the current Chief of Official Corruption, Civil Rights and Tax Prosecution for the U.S. Attorney’s Office.
  • ServiceThe Honorable Gary S. Silow, Class of 1969, earned his Bachelor’s degree from Pennsylvania State University and his J.D. from Temple University School of Law. Gary is a judge on the Montgomery Country Court of Common Pleas serving since his election in 2009. Before his election to the court, Gary spent 29 years as an attorney and has served district attorney. Gary has also served his community as the chairman of the Board of Viewers of Montgomery County. Gary has worked closely with the faculty of Abington Senior High School to provide unique learning opportunities for our students and has presided over the Oath of Citizenship for new Americans at the Senior High School.
  • AthleticsDebbie M. Lewis, D.M.D., Class of 1979, earned her Bachelor of Science in Sociology from the University of Pittsburgh and her Doctor of Medical Dentistry degree from the Dental School at the University of Pittsburgh. Debbie is the first Abington woman to enter the Abington “Hoops” 1000 Point Club and earned a wide variety of honors while playing basketball for the University of Pittsburgh. Debbie was inducted in to the Pittsburgh Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame in 1992, awarded the University Of Pittsburgh Award Of Distinction in 2007 and is the recipient of the Atlantic Coast Conference Legend Award for 2015.

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