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 Selection Process

Because the Hall of Fame has two primary purposes– (1) to present vibrant examples of successful Abington High School graduates to our students and (2) to honor these alumni for their accomplishments in the Arts, Athletics, Business, Education, Government, Science and Service, the complete Hall of Fame selection process consists of the three stages shown above.

Stage 1: Nomination

A nomination is sent to the Hall of Fame Chairman. If it is complete, it is processed. Preferably, the nomination also is accompanied by detailed information about the nominee and his or her accomplishments.

The Chairman sends notice of the nomination to the nominee. He indicates to the nominee what information is available at this point.

The nominee returns the notice of nomination form to the Chairman, accepting or declining nomination. If the nominee accepts nomination, the completed form affirms graduation from Abington Senior High School, indicates willingness to participate in all Hall of Fame events, and notes an awareness of the condition of non-reimbursement for expenses incurred in connection with the Hall of Fame. Additional documentation provided by the nominee usually accompanies the acceptance form.


Stage 2: Selection

There are many distinguished graduates of Abington Senior High School. Therefore, nomination to the Hall of Fame is not a guarantee of induction into it.

The Hall of Fame Committee is divided into sub-committees based on the seven induction categories. The Hall of Fame Chairman distributes information about nominees to all members of the Hall of Fame Committee approximately six months in advance of the induction ceremonies. Each sub-committee reviews the documentation relevant to its assigned category.

The entire Hall of Fame Committee meets to review the recommendations of the category sub-committees and to make its final selections. Sub-committee recommendations are non-binding. The Committee retains the right to select a different nominee if the facts merit such action.

After selections are made, the Chairman contacts potential awardees to confirm their acceptance of selection. Awardees agree to be available for all Hall of Fame ceremonies on the day when it is scheduled. If an awardee is unavailable or declines induction, the Committee selects another distinguished alumnus from the same category.

The nominations of those alumni not selected for induction into the Hall of Fame are automatically renewed for consideration in future years. Information about nominees is updated by the Chairman as it becomes available from nominees /or their advocates.


Stage 3: Induction

Alumni selected for induction into the Abington Senior High School Hall of Fame complete the process of selection by participating in all of the events scheduled for the day of induction The events consist of the following:

  1. the induction ceremony at an all-school assembly in the morning;
  2. visitations to classrooms for the remainder of the school day;
  3. and a public reception immediately after the school day ends.

Induction into the Hall of Fame is contingent on participation in all of these events. If an emergency arises that makes it impossible for an awardee to be present on the day of the Hall of Fame, induction is postponed until the next Hall of Fame celebration.

Our former award recipients feel the same as we do about the Abington Senior High School Hall of Fame celebrations– they are one of the most memorable events that we have ever experienced.. Please use the “Testimonials” link to view a selection of the kudos given the Hall of Fame celebration by those who have participated in it.