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Keystone Preparation


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Keystone Algebra 1 Test Information 

60 Points Total

Each module contains 30 possible points of the following question types: 

– 18 points from multiple choice questions (1 point each) 

– 12 points from 3 constructed response questions (4 pts each) 

The Main Assessment Anchors (Approximately Ten Points for Each) 

Module 1

1.1 Operations

1.2 Linear Equations and Systems

1.3 Linear Inequalities and Systems

Module 2 

2.1 Functions and Patterns

2.2 Coordinate Geometry (Slope/Rate, Equations of Lines)

2.3 Probability and Data Analysis

Online Resources for the Keystone Algebra 1 Test

1.  Keystone Algebra I Assessment Anchors and Eligible Content with Sample Questions and Glossary from PA Department of Education: 

Link to PA Dept of Education Info

2.  The Khan Academy is a free website that includes instruction and guided practice.  To save  progress and document your work for class credit, students must log on.  Instead of creating an account, students may log in by linking their facebook accounts or google accounts.  

The Khan Academy has many, many topics in algebra and other areas of mathematics, science, etc. The practice sections relevant to the Keystone Algebra 1 test in the Khan Academy LEARN center are organized below.  Each link contains interactive practice, hints, worked out solutions and links to video instruction if needed (The video links are on the lower right hand side of the page.)  

After logging in, select an assessment area that needs improvment.  Use the links on this page to select the practice.  When moving to a new topic, return to this page to pick the next practice area.

Module 1

1.1 Operations
(Please note.  Module 1.1 Operations contains the greatest number of topics to master but is not weighted more heavily than the other assessment areas.  For this reason, it makes sense to focus on 1.1 AFTER remediating the other five assessment anchors first.)
Combining Like Terms
Exponent Rules
Exponent Rules Continued 
Simplifying Expressions with Exponents
Multiplying Polynomials
Factoring Difference of Squares
Simplifying Radicals

1.2 Linear Equations and Systems
Writing Expressions

Systems of Equations with Elimination Part:1
Systems of Equations with Elimination
Systems of Equations with Substitution
Systems of Equations Word Problems

1.3 Linear Inequalities and Systems of Inequalities
Linear Inequalities
Graphs of Inequalities
Graphing Systems of Inequalities

Module 2

2.1 Functions and Patterns
Domain and Range
Finding Equations of Lines from Tables

2.2 Coordinate Geometry
Slope of a Line
Line Graph Intuition
Graphing Linear Equations
Converting between Slope Intercept and Standard Form
Point Slope Form

2.3 Probability and Data Analysis
Mean, Median_and_Mode

3.  www.studyisland.com is available for grade 11 students.  The topics are organized by module and assessment anchor.