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Senior High Health Suite Procedures
The Purpose of the Health Suite is to provide first aid for sick or injured students while they are in school, to plan for the care of students with health care needs and to carry out the State Mandated Program (height, weight, vision, hearing etc.).  The Health Suite is not for routine health care.  E.g. Piercings/tattoos/old wounds etc.  Routine health care should be taken care of at home.

Casey Donohue 10-12 GIL to PN

Susan Duda 10-12 PO to Z

Mary Gallagher 10 -12 A- GIK

Meet the Staff:
Mrs. Duda R.N., C.S.N. 
Mrs. Gallagher R.N., C.S.N.    
Mrs. Duffey R.N.
Mrs. Toroni L.P.N.
Ms. Donohue, R.N., C.S.N.

Student procedure in Health Suite

Students need to have a pass to come to the Health Suite.  Students will be admitted to the Health Suite without a pass ONLY in the case of an Emergency.  Students may not come to the Health Suite in between classes; they need to report to their next period class and obtain a pass. 

Resting in the Health Suite

Students who want to rest out of study hall or gym must first report to class and obtain a pass.  They also need to be aware that they may need to make up the PE class.  When students are resting out of gym class/study hall they need to stay until the end of the period.  Students may only rest out of other classes if it is deemed necessary by the nurse.

Going Home Procedure

If it is determined that a student needs to go home, their parent/guardian will be notified and transportation will be arranged.

Gym and Swim Excuses

Health Suite only accepts MD notes to excuse students from gym/swimming.  If excuse is longer then 4 weeks, the student will be assigned to a study hall.  If the excuse is less then 4 weeks or a swimming excuse, the student is expected to report to P.E. and observe. 

Elevator Keys

Elevator keys may be obtained from the Health Suite with a doctor’s note stating that a student requires the use of an elevator key.  There is a $5 fee for keys that are not returned.

Medication Policy and PermissionDownload Medication Permission Form

“Medication” is any drug used for treating an injury, disease, or symptoms of an illness that is prescribed by a qualified health care provider. This also pertains to over-the-counter medications.
The administration of medication to a student during school hours in accordance with the direction of a parent/guardian and family physician will be permitted only when (1) failure to take such medication would jeopardize the health of the student and/or (2) the student would not be able to attend school if the medication was not made available during regular school hours. Before any medication may be administered to a student during school hours, the school nurse must receive (1) a written request from the parent/guardian giving permission for the administration of the specific medication, (2) the written order from the prescribing physician including the name of medication, dosage, the time at which or the special circumstances under which the medication shall be administered, the length of the period for which medication is prescribed, and the possible side effects of the medication, and (3) the medication in a properly labeled container is delivered to the school by a responsible adult. The written request from the parent/guardian and the order from the physician shall be kept on file in the office of the school nurse. It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to inform the school nurse of any medication brought to or taken in school. With these prerequisites satisfied, all medication shall be administered by the nurse or staff designated by the school nurse.


Abington School Districts Athletic Department has moved to a digital platform, PlanetHS, for submitting PIAA forms. This allows student-athletes and their parents/guardians to complete and access athletic forms online. Paper copies will no longer be accepted.
Instructions for creating an account – This link will explain how to create an online account for both you and your child.
Please note, if you have a student-athlete attending the Senior High School, you should create their account first using the Senior High School code; this will allow you to link all of your other children’s accounts to yours. 
PlanetHS Parent & Student Guide – This link will walk you through the step by step process of completing the necessary pre-participation forms and uploading your PIAA form for electronic submission.
PIAA Examination Form needs to be completed by a Medical Examiner on or after June 1st and will be effective until May 31st of the same school year.
If you have any questions, please reach out to the Athletic Department and/or the Coach

Pennsylvania School Immunization Requirements NEW REQUIREMENTS 2017 | Download

11th grade Physical | Download Physical Form
A physical is required by the state in the 11th grade.  Completion of a PIAA form will also meet this requirement.


The Nurses

Ms. Susan Duda
Health Suite
ext. 2384 

Ms. Mary Gallagher
Health Suite

Ms. Casey Donohue
Health Suite