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About Our Library                                           

We’re here to help you succeed with all of your information needs–both academic and personal.  The library is an integral part of Abington Senior High School.  Through both formal and informal instruction, students learn to access, evaluate and use information efficiently and effectively. We strive to convey a sense of wonder in the pursuit of knowledge, a sense of pure pleasure in reading a good book, and the sense of curiosity that an individual must have in order to become well-educated. We encourage life-long learning!

Library Services

The library is open throughout the school day from 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

  1. Our Web-based catalog is available online.  You can access the AHS library catalog at http://lmc.abington.k12.pa.us/
  2. A print collection of over 40,000 volumes designed to support the curriculum in all areas of study.
  3. An extensive fiction collection for pleasure reading.
  4. An excellent, comprehensive reference collection, available for overnight loan.
  5. Interlibrary loan throughout the district as well as throughout the state’s public, academic and school libraries in the ACCESS PA Network.
  6. Online subscription databases with access to a literary index, full-text newspapers and periodicals, encyclopedias, and information sources chosen to support students’ academic needs.
  7. Borrowing privileges at Arcadia University and Penn State-Abington campus with a letter from ASHS Library.
  8. 52 computer workstations with internet access throughout the library.
  9. 30 computers with internet access in adjacent library classroom.
  10. 41 laptops with wireless internet access through our Cyber Lounge and nine Dell mini-laptops.
  11. Students may borrow digital camcorders, digital cameras, headsets with microphones, flash drives, CDs, and mini-cassettes for their multimedia projects.
  12. Three black and white laser printers and three scanners.
  13. Author visits and many special events and activities throughout the year.
  14. Photocopier (15 cents per copy).
  15. Reading Olympics participation (ASHS had 4 teams participate in 2014-2015).
  16. Excellent reading advisory!
  17. Visit our wikis:
    AHS Research Wiki http://www.ahsresearch.wikispaces.com/

Summer Reading Wiki http://ahssummerreading.wikispaces.com/


Students receive instruction in library information skills throughout their senior high school years to make them more familiar with the library and to become independent researchers and learners. Librarians perform book talks and readers’ advisory to support the curriculum and to promote pleasure reading. The Web-based library management system and catalog, along with our electronic reference network, provide students with numerous pathways for retrieving information. Internet access is available at all student computers.

Students may volunteer to work as Library Aides. Those interested should listen for announcements during the first weeks of school.

Books and magazines may be borrowed for two weeks with renewal privileges (unless there is a demand for a particular item).  Reference materials are available for overnight use. Fines are charged for items that are not returned on time.


Using our Library:
Students may come to the library with a class to work on projects or to borrow materials. A yellow pass signed by a subject teacher is required to visit the library from a study hall period or from lunch. Students may come to the library without a yellow pass before and after school.

Students may check out as many books as needed, within reason, to complete a given assignment. Books may be borrowed for a period of up to 10 school days.

Students may borrow back-dated magazine issues for a period of 10 school days.

Reference Books:
Students may borrow reference books for overnight use only. These materials may be signed out after seventh period and must be returned prior to first period the next day.

Overdue materials:
Students are responsible for all borrowed materials. Fines are charged for overdue materials at the rate of 10 cents per day for each book, magazine or pamphlet and 25 cents per day for each reference book. Borrowing privileges will be withdrawn if obligations are not met.

Sign out process:
Students should take the selected materials and their student ID to the aide or librarian at the circulation desk where they will be checked out using the bar codes on the book and the ID. A date due card will be placed in the book pocket noting when to return the materials.