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Educational Programs

Program Philosophy

At Willow Hill, we believe that children learn best through …

  • Cooperative learning groups in which children work collaboratively to achieve goals and to develop appropriate social skills
  • “Hands-on” activities which involve the use of manipulatives and authentic experiences
  • An environment that recognizes diversity as a strength, in which all children are respected, connected, and valued as individuals.
  • The presentation of a variety of instructional practices and resources that address the special needs of the child
  • Activities designed to enhance self-esteem and life-long learning.
  • A positive learning atmosphere in which all children experience success
Instructional Curriculum

Macmillan McGraw Hill Reading Program

The Macmillan McGraw Hill Reading Program is used in grades kindergarten through six. Reading and writing skills are developed as part of an integrated approach to the communication arts. Willow Hill enjoys the services of reading specialists who work with students and teachers to promote student success in reading and writing.

Everyday Mathematics

The University of Chicago School Mathematics Project, Everyday Mathematics, is used for mathematics instruction in grades kindergarten through six. This program is among the best of the new generation of mathematics programs developed to address the standards and curriculum guidelines established by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.

Science and Technology for Children

The Science and Technology for Children Program, developed by the National Science Resource Center at the Smithsonian with the support of the National Science Foundation, is used in grades one through six. Kindergarten will use curriculum developed by FOSS. These hands-on science programs are articulated with the national science standards and Project 2061 standards.

Macmillan McGraw Hill Social Studies program

The Macmillan McGraw Hill Social Studies program is a textbook based program that offers instruction in culture, civics, economics, geography, and history. It focuses on people and places from across Pennsylvania, the United States, and the World.

Library and Informational Services

Library and information services are provided through our school librarian, programs, and dedicated facilities for all students at Willow Hill. Online sources and the internet are available.

Computer instruction

Computer instruction is provided through fully equipped, networked computer labs and computers in our classrooms. Willow Hill’s technology also includes sets of mobile laptops and a Smart Board located in the computer lab.

Health Education

Health education is taught in all elementary grades and includes age appropriate instruction on the consequences of tobacco, drug and alcohol abuse. The DARE (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) Program and AIDS instruction are offered to students in grade six.

School Wide Positive Behavior Support

The School Wide Positive Behavior Support (SWPBS) Program and Character Education Curriculum are designed to enable students to make good choices and to develop positive character traits.

Instruction in the Arts

Instruction in art, general music, library and physical education is provided on a weekly basis through instructional specialists. A choral music program is offered to students in grades five and six.

Instrumental Music Program

A developmental program of instrumental music instruction is offered to elementary students. Instruction on string instruments begins in grade three and instruction on brass, percussion, and woodwind instruments begins in grade four.


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